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*Ex-Demo* Eliet BL450EZR Blower


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Used blower manufacturered in 2009, very good condition. 

Manufacturers Description:

The ELIET BL 450 EZR features hydrostatic wheel drive, and an optional seat to cover long distances. The speed of this marathon machine is infinitely variable, both forwards (up to 9 km/h) and backwards (up to 3 km/h). The two handlebar mounted levers let you engage power drive to each to each wheel independently, which translates into the ultimate in manoeuvrability.



Model BL 450 EZR

Engine 13hp Honda GX390

Driving Speed Forward to 9km/h Reverse 0 to 3km/h

Adjustable Air Detector Control at Handle (Ventury Ject Effect)

Air Output 108m3/min

Air Speed 260km/h

Turbine Steel 3mm

Turbine Diameter 450mm

Impeller Alu 5mm

Suction Pipe 255mm

Transmission Crankshaft Mounted

Dimensions 1550 x 900 x 980mm

Weight 95kg



ROBUST FRAME - Clearing away leaves in the autumn is extremely important. For example, leaves can block drains or cause traffic problems. You must therefore have reliable machines at your disposal in order to guarantee the safety of everybody. ELIET took this requirement seriously and constructed a reliable blower that you can continuously deploy during the entire autumn.

ALUMINIUM FAN - Air displacement is produced by a large fan impeller. This impeller is manufactured from light aluminium. As this impeller is light, hardly any inertia forces are experienced on the machine. The engine, furthermore, has no difficulty in maintaining a constant speed, thus resulting in low fuel consumption. This fan is accurately balanced to within one gram using a special measuring bench at the factory. This eliminates any imbalance that could cause vibrations.

ANGLED TURBINE - When the air leaves the blower nozzle, the airflow diverges. The leaves that are blown away are transported in this airflow. In a conventional leaf blower, some of the leaves always end up behind the machine and fall onto the path that has just been cleared of leaves. The advanced design of the ELIET BL 450 EZR takes this into account. The angled position of the turbine ensures that the leaves are always blown forwards at an angle. This enables the operator to have more control over the cloud of leaves that are blown upwards, and to be able to accurately determine where they will fall.

ERGONOMIC HANDLEBAR - The ELIET BL 450 catches your eye because it has a long handlebar. This choice was made by the designers after careful consideration. Thanks to this long lever, the operator can easily tip the machine in order to drive over obstacles (such as kerbs, tree roots, etc.). Moreover, the machine must be extremely manoeuvrable in order to quickly direct the air stream from the turbine. This long handlebar thus enables the operator to permanently change the direction of travel with a minimum of effort.

VIBRATION ABSORBER ON THE HANDLEBAR - The handlebar is fixed to the frame on vibration isolators. The vibration free handlebar is certainly not an unnecessary luxury when you bear in mind that operators often use this machine all day long. Moreover, the height of the handlebar can also be adjusted so that the operator can find the most ergonomic working posture for his build.

TURBINE NOISE ABSORPTION - In addition to the noise from the engine, noise is also generated by the interaction between the impeller and the swirling air. A noise-absorbing rubber armor has therefore been fitted around the casing in order to minimize the noise generated by the turbine housing.

FRONT BLOWER NOZZLE - If the operator decides to direct the air jet via the facia-mounted blower nozzle, then in addition to the air jet being directed forwards, a dedicated deflector will divert part of the air laterally so that a lane the same width as the machine is always cleared of leaves.

LARGE WHEELS - The leaf blower travels on three large wheels running on double bearings. If you operate such a blower for eight hours a day in the autumn, you will certainly appreciate the comfort provided by these large wheels. The pneumatic tyres act as a cushion for the machine thus making it pleasant to drive. The large front castor wheel quickly obeys steering changes initiated by the operator. Thanks to the large wheels, the machine exerts a low ground bearing pressure so that it hardly sinks into the ground when it traverses muddy paths.

HYDROSTATIC WHEEL DRIVE - The ground speed to choose is extremely variable, depending on the humidity of the soil. The humidity and the type of soil also determine the adhesive power of the leaves to a great extent. ELIET therefore intentionally decided to equip its self-propelled blower with a hydrostatic wheel drive. This transmission enables the operator to accurately adjust the ground speed forwards and backwards. You only have to move the variably adjustable control lever.

ZERO TURN MANOEUVRABILITY - It is sometimes difficult to predict the behaviour of the air jet. The jet of air can unexpectedly blow the leaves in a different direction, especially in corners or alongside kerbs. It is therefore extremely important to be able to react quickly. ELIET have therefore developed a self-propelled blower that has the same manoeuvrability as a walk-behind model. You can turn the machine with a minimum of effort whilst retaining full control of the drive. You can use the two handlebar mounted levers to independently engage or disengage the drive to each wheel. You can change the direction of the machine by allowing the left and right wheel to turn at different speeds without having to steer the machine. This BL 450 EZR has maximum manoeuvrability so that you have to complete freedom to control the direction of the air stream for each specific situation.

Price: £2280.00 (Ex VAT)