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Husqvarna Automowers




The popularity of robot or auto mowers have been growing steadily for a number of years, with more and more manufacturers introducing models of their own.

Husqvarna were one of the pioneers of this new technology and they continue to be at the vanguard of developments within the sector. Husqvarna produce a range of Automowers capable of mowing between 600 and 5000 square metres in a 24 hour period.

As with all automowers, Husqvarna’s range offer the user the ability to maintain a perfectly cut lawn irrespective of weather or personal time constraints, as the mower can operate autonomously and silently twenty-four hours a day. The higher end models can even be controlled and adjusted remotely via the Husqvarna Connect smartphone app.

Operating within an area set by a sunken boundary wire the automower follows an irregular mowing pattern to ensure full coverage and a smooth, carpet like surface. By cutting frequently the lawn is shaved rather than cut with the tiny shavings being absorbed into the lawn as natural fertilizer – strengthening the grass and inhibiting the ingress of moss and weeds.

Huqvarna’s Automower range include models with in-built GPS that learn the layout of the lawn to ensure complete coverage of even complex areas and articulated all-wheel drive models that can cope with inclines of up to 35 degrees.

On board sensors detect and avoid objects on the lawn while a PIN activated start, anti-theft alarm, and tracker ensure that your Husqvarna Automower is not attractive to thieves. 

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