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*Ex-Demo* Votex B40 PTO Driven Tractor Mounted Blower


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Manufacturers Description:

The B40 is the result of the development of the successful B20. Suitable for tractors starting from 40hp. The same technique as the B20, but with a shared fan and a fan casing capable of drawing air in from two directions. The result: twice as much capacity as the B20. The double air capacity increases the operating width and creates a higher work rate. This makes the B40 extremely suitable for users with a lot of work for blowers.

With the same options available as the B20, the B40 is perfectly suitable for roads, cycle paths, public gardens and other terrains for clearing leaves, mowed grass, small litter and other material.

The Votex B40. Doubles your capacity.



Model:   B40

Mounting:   Front or Rear

Min PTO power:   30kW / 40hp

PTO drive shaft:   540/1000 rpm

Weight:   278kg



  • 100mm depth with minimal surface disturbance.
  • Working depth of 10cm (4 ins) max.
  • Choice of interchangeable tines.
  • Pivoted tine bar for vertical penetration and withdrawal without surface disturbance.
  • 6.5hp engine.
  • Will also operate on spiker-slitter.
  • Supplied with transport trolley.
Price: £7320.00 (Ex VAT)